Join Us at our Next Meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2019

We meet September through May on the second Thursday of the month. All monthly meetings are held at the Faith Lutheran Church, 6600 Woodrow Avenue, Austin, Texas. Take the elevator and follow the signs.


We have an Early Bird session from 6:00-6:30, a social time from 6:30-7:00, and the program begins at 7:00 with a short business meeting and the program topic following immediately. Program topic lasts approximately one hour.


May Program

Folded Pens and Some Letters You Can Make With Them with Jeanne Dittman


Lettering tools come in all shapes and sizes. You can spend lots of money at Paper and Ink Arts and John Neal Booksellers buying all of the pens and nibs. However, there are also some really ingenious and creative tools that you can make with some basic supplies you might just have around your house. These tools can create some very interesting, spontaneous calligraphic marks and letters.


A couple of years ago I finally got around to making some folded pens, and I’ve not stopped playing with them since! I’ll bring the basic supplies for everyone to make one pen, but please bring the following only if you already have them:


• some large-ish paper to experiment on -- at least 9x12 and nothing expensive

• any kind of non-black liquid medium to write with: liquid watercolor, walnut ink, etc. (be sure your jar has a wide opening, or bring something to pour it in)

• water container for cleaning pens

• cloth for wiping pens – a piece of an old t-shirt works great

• sharp scissors you’re willing to cut metal with

• a little piece of fine sandpaper or an emery board

• a black Micron pen


Other supplies will be provided, and you’ll go home with a new writing tool and some new letters to play with!


Welcome to Capital City Scribes!

CCS celebrates 35 years in 2018!

Capital City Scribes (CCS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing in the appreciation of, and providing education in the art of calligraphy. Fostering both community and personal growth through the art of beautiful writing, CCS is open to all who believe in its purpose. 


Capital City Scribes started out as a search for a bottle of ink. Thelma Matthews carried ink at the University of Texas CO-Op East Book Store and in October of 1982, Thelma invited all the calligraphers she knew to attend an informal gathering at the bookstore. It was at that meeting and three follow-up meetings that Paula Webb, Thelma, Jeff Jeffreys, Nicholas Yeager and others began formulating the guild's purpose. The guild was established on January 11, 1983.


Thank you for your interest in CCS!