Newbies Educational Series or NES

We love our “Newbies” in CCS and have dedicated a special learning program just for you – the Newbies Educational Series or NES. The NES sessions are free, ongoing sessions given during our regular meeting year, September through May. These sessions are taught by seasoned members of the guild who open their home or studio to new members and help them learn the basics of calligraphy, calligraphy tools, and offer insightful demos on different calligraphy hands. These are not actual workshops but demonstrations. This way, new members can see what calligraphy is all about, ask the burning questions you feel too “new” to ask in a larger group, and meet others that are about at the same level as you! Newbies are members who have been in CCS two years or less.


These FREE sessions are usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. You must be a CCS member and have attended one meeting prior to attending your first NES. Sign-ups start at each general meeting. 
If you cannot attend, there may be a possibility that a spot is open after the meeting so be sure and contact the NES Coordinator to get your name on the list or waiting list. It is very important to call the NES Coordinator if you cannot make the session. The instructors volunteer their time and space and having too many people show up or worse, not having anyone show up after all their prep work, is very disheartening.


For more information on the NES contact or