Capital City Scribes 2019 Exhibit: "Lyrical Letters"


CCS Contacts: Dana Leidig, Trish Taylor

Location: Northwest Hills United Methodist Church Gallery, 7050 Village Center Drive, Austin, TX 78731


Important Dates:

April 11 - Properly framed art must be delivered before or by our April CCS meeting.

April 30, Tuesday, 10:00am - Our exhibit installation occurs at the Gallery. Please sign up to assist hanging our show! 

May 5, Sunday, 12-1:15pm - Artists Reception at the Gallery. Please invite friends and family!

May 28, Tuesday, 10:00am - Strike date at the Gallery. Please come pick up your art or arrange with a friend to pick it up for you. Any work not picked up that remains at the Gallery more than one month after the close of the show becomes the property of the Gallery.


About the Exhibit:

The CCS Exhibit Committee selected the topic of music and song lyrics for this exhibit. Austin is well known for its wealth of music and music events, so this topic is a wonderful fit for our group to showcase. Music inspires us, reminds us of important events in our lives, brings out our emotions, and more! Perhaps you can connect with a local songwriter for your project, or even write song lyrics yourself!


We must observe copyright laws when making song lyric selections for our exhibit pieces. In our research, we found that songs published before 1923 are most likely to be in the public domain and available for use. Lyrics still protected by copyright law would require written permission from the author/owner of the copyright. Getting permissions may take some time, so allow for that in your planning. Again, writing original lyrics is also something to consider, much like writing a poem. Tap into your creativity here! The NWHUMC Gallery Committee reserves the right to make curatorial decisions regarding all submitted works. Works must be original and not contain objectionable material (as per the contract). All work must be framed and be ready for hanging (please only use wire for hanging).


The Gallery contract says we may exhibit for sale and not for sale items. The sale price of any work for sale will include a 20% (excluding sales tax) donation to benefit the Gallery, payable within 15 days from the date of the close of the show. All sales are handled by the individual artist. Sales tax is the responsibility of the exhibiting artist and must be contained in the price listed for the work. All work exhibited must list a value, whether for sale or not. Artwork will not be insured by the Gallery or Church while at the Gallery. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the artist.


At the March meeting of Capital City Scribes, the exhibit committee will host an early bird session on preparing for exhibit. We will include framing (what's ok and not ok), labeling, protective wrapping techniques, pricing ideas, etc. This info will also be posted on the web site at that time.




Hints for Writing an Artist’s Statement
Thank you to Kate V. for sharing this guide for writing an artist’s statement. A statement can help create a personal connection between the artist and audience. Consider providing one or two sentences about your artistic intention for a supplemental wall label for our next exhibit.
Writing an Artist's Statement.pdf
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Exhibits over the Years
Take a look at this list and note an important benefit of joining our guild. Along with workshops, inspiration, and fellowship, the guild has added to our community’s culture though regular exhibits at a variety of locations.
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