Monthly Programs and Meetings

Join us on Thursday, May 11


We meet September through May on the second Thursday of the month. All monthly meetings are held at the Faith Lutheran Church, 6600 Woodrow Ave., Austin, Texas, from 7:00-9:30ish pm. Take the elevator and follow the signs.


For 2016-2017, Capital City Scribes is delighted to

present programs dedicated to the study of letterforms. 

2016 - 2017 Programs

September 8 - September’s program will introduce the upcoming year of letters, as we look at and discuss the six hands we will be reviewing throughout the guild’s meeting year. Please join us for a slide show presentation on Uncial, Foundational, Blackletter, Italic, Copperplate, and Modern Script. We will explore examples of each hand and the history of the hands, and we will have an open discussion. Let’s talk letters!

Team Members:  Gina S., Elvia B., Catherine B., Jess S., Teri G.


October 13 - Uncial with Kate van Dyke

Team Members:  Dana L., Miriam M., Lori M., Wendye M., Linda B.


November 10 - Foundations with Paula Webb

Team Members:  Laura M., Bev T., Paula K., Yama P., Anney R.


December 8 - Holiday Party

Team Members:  Elena K., Abbey H., Gabi G., Robby S., Stephanie L.


January 12 - Blackletter  with Chris Chang

Team Members:  Holly Z., Nancy D., Carol McC., Angela S., Edgar G.


February 9 - Italic with Holly Zeiner

Team Memers:  Jennifer S., Kate B., Margie McA., Jean V., Tracy W.


March 9 - Copperplate with Teri Gaus

Team Members:  Lori R., Linda S., Francis S., Dina R., Paula W.


April 13 - Modern Lettering; Instructor TBA

Team Members:  Donna S., Liz H., Karen O., Happy M., Phoebe A.


May 11 - Show and Tell from year long letter study; elections

Team Members:  Trish T., Teresa R., Marianne C., Sandy O., Nancy S.